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Proposed Legislation to Address Elder Abuse

Recently, Bill C-36 was introduced in the House of Commons specifically to address issues of elder abuse.  If passed into law, it will amend the Criminal Code to allow the Court to consider evidence of the impact of the offence on the victim, considering their age and other personal circumstances such as financial circumstances.  In this way,… View this post »

Can You Keep a Secret (Trust)?

Most will planning involves setting out as clearly as possible the intended distribution of the person’s assets. But in some cases, a client will want an amount of money or a certain property to be left for someone without actually including the gift in the will. This can be due to a wish to keep the… View this post »

Western Showdown: WSA vs. WESA

Yesterday on the All About Estates blog, Diane Vieira wrote about Alberta’s new Wills and Succession Act. There are many similarities between Alberta’s new act and B.C.’s new Wills, Estates and Succession Act (not yet in force). Both new acts: consolidate various estate-related laws including the respective dependents relief legislation; give the court significant powers to… View this post »