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Can a Stepchild Inherit from a Stepparent?

Modern families are complicated. With the high rate of divorce and re-marriage, more and more blended families are created. Relationships between stepparents and stepchildren can be difficult, but in many instances, the relationships are strong and affectionate. What perhaps is less appreciated by the general public are the legal rights of stepchildren when it comes… View this post »

New Limitation Act Introduced in BC

A new Limitation Act (Bill 34) was introduced into the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia on April 16, 2012. The proposed new legislation will reduce, to some extent, the time limits for filing civil lawsuits in British Columbia. If passed, the new legislation will replace the current Limitation Act. While there may be some who… View this post »

Some Vancouver real estate still affordable

Thanks to our estate litigation colleagues at the Toronto firm of Hull & Hull LLP for bringing to our attention the following  interesting opportunity for those wishing to buy a little piece of  Vancouver real estate for only $22,500 plus H.S. T.   The lot is admittedly on the small size- indeed just large enough to fit a casket… View this post »