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Court Hearing Fees Are Struck Down as Unconstitutional

Thanks to Clark Wilson LLP associate and Estate Litigation Practice Group member  Seva Batkin  for bringing to our attention the following issue. ************************************************************* The high costs of litigation that have been imposed by taxes and increased fees have, over the last several decades, troubled all of those concerned about access to the court system. The  imposition of… View this post »

Biggest Gift Ever

Media including the Vancouver Sun and CBC are reporting the completion of a $21.4 million gift to BC Cancer Foundation made by Burnaby property developer William McCarthy from a legacy fund created under the will of his grandfather John Jambor, who died in 1991. It appears that Mr. Jambor’s will left a shopping plaza at 5000… View this post »

Estate Planning With a Vengeance

With apologies to our friends at RBC (whom we know appreciate a good joke), here’s a great satirical clip from This Hour Has 22 Minutes that’s been making the rounds.