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When should a trust for a child vest?

There are some decisions in estate planning that almost all parents agree on. For example, “Do you want most of your estate to benefit your children after both parents die?” Most parents will answer that question with a yes. “For your younger children, do you want their share of the estate held in a protective… View this post »

Vulnerable senior fights back

Stella Wasiuk is a prime example of what can happen when vulnerable and isolated seniors become involved with predatory “caregivers”. Ms. Wasiuk met Pauline Reid in January 2009 at a rehabilitation centre following knee surgery. Ms. Wasiuk was concerned that she would end up in a nursing home. Ms. Reid offered to look after her… View this post »

Executor Compensation: The Basics

When a will does not contain a charging clause, executor compensation is governed by the British Columbia Trustee Act.