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Limits of a Power of Attorney

Further to our recent post on Responsibilities Arising from a Power of Attorney, it is important to note that there are some limits on what an Attorney is permitted to do under a Power of Attorney.  Keep in mind that all acts must be authorized by the person who granted the Power of Attorney (the… View this post »

Responsibilities Arising from a Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are a common incapacity planning tool.  Many people make them at the same time they prepare their Will.  Usually, the Power of Attorney is a short document, and seemingly straightforward.  For that reason, some people do not put much thought into agreeing to be designated as another’s Attorney.  However, there are a… View this post »

No variation in the Holvenstot Last Will and Testament

Much has been written in our blogs and in other Estate blogs of  how  the application  of the British Columbia Wills Variation Act can result in changes to  a Will that the deceased thought would distribute his or her assets after death. In layman’s terms, the situation in British Columbia has sometimes been summarized as  “you can’t… View this post »