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Dispute over Burial Rights delays Sherman Hemsley from “movin on up”

Actor Sherman Hemsley from the hit 70’s television show, “The Jeffersons”, passed away on July 24, 2012. However, he was not buried until November 21, 2012 because of a dispute over his estate. Hemsley created his will a mere 6 weeks before he passed away from lung cancer. In his will, he left his entire… View this post »

Should you claim executor’s fees?

If you are named the executor in a will and decide to take on the appointment, you will be entitled to compensation for services rendered to the estate.  The compensation amount can be specified in the will or in a separate fee agreement. If it is not explicitly set out, you may claim a “fair and… View this post »

Seeking Legal Declaration of Death for a Missing Person

The disappearance of a loved one or endearing friend is undoubtedly one of the most tragic and painful events that one can experience. When it appears very unlikely that a missing person will be found, it may become necessary to obtain a legal declaration of death for the person in order to distribute the estate… View this post »