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Down with DOMA

Almost nine years after same sex marriage rights were fully sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Canada, in the decision of United States v. Windsor, with a 5-4 majority decision, the United States Supreme Court has determined that the Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”) is unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons… View this post »

Planning for the Unexpected

James Gandolfini’s sudden death has flooded social media with effusive commentary on his acting abilities and, of course, his role as Mafia boss Tony Soprano.  The article that caught my eye, however, was this one from a lawyer in South Carolina.   While the laws in British Columbia differ from those in South Carolina, the comments on… View this post »

Testamentary Trust Proposals: Not Much of a Consultation

For many years, estates and testamentary trusts (trusts created under a will) have been subject to tax on income and capital gains at graduated rates, in a similar manner to how individuals are taxed. When it was released in April of this year, the 2013 Federal Budget included a section that grabbed the attention of… View this post »