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Electronic Wills: The Way of the Future?

A judge in Ohio recently ruled that a will written and signed on a tablet computer was a valid will, as discussed on the American Bar Association Journal website here. The case involved a man named Javier Castro, who needed a blood transfusion in order to survive his illness, but refused due to his religious… View this post »

How much probate fees do you have to pay?

Generally, probate fees in British Columbia are assessed on the value of all of the deceased’s property situated in British Columbia that passes to the personal representative of the deceased.  In addition, if the deceased was ordinarily resident in British Columbia immediately before the date of death, then the intangible personal property of the deceased,… View this post »

An Asset by Any Other Name…

Like those assets referenced in our recent newsletter article on Dealing with Digital Assets, a recent article in The Globe and Mail identifies a non-tangible asset that may be forgotten in estate planning or administration: loyalty points. These days, we can earn loyalty points on almost every purchase, although those points may expire if not used… View this post »