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BCLI Publishes Report on Common-Law Tests of Capacity

The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI), formerly known as the Law Reform Commission of British Columbia, is a not-for-profit law reform agency that works to improve and modernize the law.  BCLI has had significant influence on important changes in the law in many different areas.  Most recently, many of its recommendations in areas of family… View this post »

High Stakes Estate Litigation

The $300 million estate of a woman whose father helped build Las Vegas is proceeding to a trial in New York.  The Court will be asked whether either of the last two Wills signed by Huguette Clark is valid. According to a recent article, Ms. Clark’s “distant relatives” were the primary beneficiaries under her next-to-last… View this post »

WESA: Catching Up To The Times

One of the objectives of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) is to modernize BC’s succession laws, which have not been comprehensively reviewed in many years and contain some rules that are outdated, inflexible or serve a purpose that is no longer relevant. For example, under current wills and estates legislation, there are a… View this post »