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Supreme Court of Canada Clarifies Ontario Procedure for Withdrawing Life Support

In a recent landmark decision, relating broadly to the area of Elder Law, the Supreme Court of Canada held that two Ontario physicians could not unilaterally withdraw life support for a patient who they believe is in a persistent vegetative state with no realistic hope for recovery.  You should note, however, that because the case… View this post »

Marc Nadon Appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC)

On October 3, 2013, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada.  Justice Nadon, 64, was most recently a partly-retired Federal Court of Appeal judge.  He replaces Justice Morris Fish, who was a SCC Justice from 2003 up until his retirement earlier this year. While most estate cases in… View this post »

I can do that as Committee, can’t I?

Many people who have been appointed committees of a patient’s estate wonder what their rights and duties are in that role.  Some people believe that they are obligated to preserve the patient’s assets exactly as they were at the time of their appointment while others believe that they are entitled to alter the state of… View this post »