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BCSC Provides Much Needed Guidance for Trust Proceedings

In Mayer v. Mayer, 2013 BCSC 1958, the BC Supreme Court ruled on the following issues: (1) the principles which govern an application by a trustee under s. 86 of the Trustee Act for leave to bring proceedings on behalf of a trust without the unanimous agreement of all of the trustees; (2) the ability… View this post »

A Fresh Perspective on the Importance of Making a Will

Given that Friday is still a couple of days away, you may enjoy reading this amusing article: Top Ten Reasons You Should Never Make a Will.  While we often delay thinking about or making a will because our own mortality is a difficult subject, this article outlines in a humourous way many serious consequences to dying intestate… View this post »

Elderly couple’s double suicide raises the issue of physician-assisted death

A news item was posted on CBC news on October 30, 2013 after an elderly couple plunged 18 stories from their penthouse apartment to their death in Toronto.  The article quoted mental health experts who say that suicide rates are climbing among the elderly. Given the increasing demographic bulge of aging baby boomers, that is… View this post »