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What happens when a beneficiary is criminally responsible for the deceased’s death?

In the Fenotti Estate case, Chief Justice Hinkson considered a thought-provoking (and troubling) issue:  what occurs when a beneficiary of a deceased’s estate was criminally responsible for the deceased’s death? In this case, the deceased did not leave a Will.  As a result, the deceased’s estate (the “Estate”) would pass on intestacy to the deceased’s… View this post »

Court clarifies WESA notice requirement

Since BC’s Wills, Estates and Succession Act (WESA) and accompanying Supreme Court Probate Rules came into force on March 31, we have been working with our counterparts in the Probate Registry to clarify some of the new procedural requirements. One of the things we have puzzled over, relating to the timing of the beneficiary notice,… View this post »