The Your Estate Matters blog is published by the Wealth Preservation Group at Clark Wilson LLP in Vancouver. Our group has been publishing a regular newsletter under the Your Estate Matters name since 1999 covering all things trust and estate related. Over the years the changing habits of our readers has taken the newsletter from being primarily a mail-out, to being delivered increasingly by email, to its current electronic-only format. Today, with many of our readers adopting social media technologies that allow for speedy and widespread dissemination of information, we perceive a need to supplement our newsletter with more frequent, up-to-date and pithy posts.

The blog will cover a broad range of topics relating to estates, including topics relating to planning, administration, charities and giving, taxes, and litigation. We’re hoping that our posts will be useful to everyone who has an interest in estates, professionals and laypersons alike. If there’s something that you would like to see a post on, please leave a comment or drop one of us a line by email.

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