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Significance of a Declining Real Estate Market for Executors

There has been a lot of speculation recently that Vancouver’s booming housing market may be starting to slow down. Recent reports (such as this Globe and Mail article) suggest that for the first time in years, the balance may finally be shifting in favour of buyers. A dramatic downturn in the real estate market could… View this post »

Supreme Court of Canada Considers Trust Residence

The Canadian government taxes individuals, corporations and trusts on their worldwide income if they are considered to be resident in Canada. For individuals, factors such as nationality, physical presence, and social and economic ties, among others, are considered in determining residence. For corporations, residence is generally determined based on where the central management and control… View this post »

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Choosing to be an executor is a serious commitment that, if done improperly, can lead to severe consequences. An executor is responsible for administering a person’s estate. They gather the assets, pay the debts, file taxes, and distribute the rest to the beneficiaries. It appears simple enough; however, an executor is a “fiduciary” which means… View this post »