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Physician-Assisted Death – Bill C-14

On April 14, 2016, the government introduced Bill C-14 that would legalize medical assistance in dying if it comes into force. To understand the implications of the language in Bill C-14, a bit of history is in order. In February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada held that a blanket ban on assisted death was unconstitutional,… View this post »

How Will Canadian Doctors Address Recent SCC Decision on Assisted Suicide?

The Supreme Court of Canada recently revisited euthanasia, and endorsed a permissive regime that will allow doctor assisted suicide in certain limited cases.  The Court declared that the current law prohibiting doctor assisted suicide was contrary to the Charter, and therefore invalid.  The Court gave the government one year to draft new legislation to create… View this post »

Alzheimer’s Patient Lost Right-to-Die Despite Expressed Wishes

Today, BC Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal brought by the family of Margaret Anne Bentley, a patient at the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease. My colleague Amy Mortimore posted a blog when the family of Mrs. Bentley commended the lawsuit in August 2013, and Areet Kaila posted a blog when the BC Supreme Court… View this post »