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Budget 2016: Impact on Charities

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the government’s 2016 federal budget yesterday. Below is a summary of some of the announcements from the budget that will impact charities. Update on Previous Budget Proposal: Capital Gains Exemption for Donations of Real Estate and Private Company shares The 2015 federal budget proposed to extend the exemption for capital… View this post »

Proposed Changes Impacting Charitable Giving

The government tabled a detailed Notice of Ways and Means Motion today to implement a number of changes announced in Budget 2014, as well as other measures. One of these changes will provide greater flexibility with respect to charitable gifts that are made in a will. Currently, any charitable gifts in an individual’s will are… View this post »

Charitable Trusts & The Disbursement Quota Requirements

One of the difficulties that can arise in managing a charitable trust relates to the disbursement quota requirements that apply to registered charities. In general, these rules require a charitable trust to spend a minimum amount annually (currently 3.5% of the charity’s investment assets) on charitable activities, including gifts to other qualified donees. If the… View this post »